Four advantages
Hardware manufacturer
Professional service saves you time, effort and worry
Preferential price
After sale guarantee
Experience in metal products manufacturing
We have accumulated rich experience in the processing and manufacturing of precision molds and products such as computer conn-ectors, automobile connectors, precision metal stamping, metallurgical tools, precision metal parts and so on.
Good product quality and low error rate
We have advanced high-precision processing equipment, perfect management system stan dards, lean production management process, online integrated production, computer simul-ation of production process, error reporting device to ensure product accuracy.
Professional technical team, high cost performance
It has rich experience in plastic processing, high-quality products and preferential prices, introduces advanced production equipment to achieve low cost, high quality and survive by quality, and introduces advanced testing equipment to ensure that the product testing is correct.
Provide you with a perfect after-sales service system
We have a number of professional sales and service teams to provide you with many inti -mate services. The professional after-sales service team makes regular customer return visits and solves your problems in time.


Precision connector technology
The precision connector involves many aspects, such as product design, technolog......
Correct maintenance knowledge of plastic moulds
Some plastic mold service life is closely related with the right care, in realit......
Basic knowledge and technical application of plastic mold
All kinds of tools and products used in our daily life are large enough for the ......


Dongguan Shike Hardware Technology Co, Ltd
Specializing in computer connectors, automotive connectors, precision metal stamping, metallurgical tools, precision hardware components and other series of precision molds and product processingNature of Business:Precision hardware complete mold processing.PG forming process of precision optical curve grinding.Forming and grinding of precision tungsten steel and white steel.Precision wire cutting.Precision machinery and precision tooling fixture.Processing of forming punch and round parts.High ...


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